Sea Security


Aburgus is an Estonian Risk Management Company designed to mitigate and solve the issues that our clients may face in today’s unstable environments.

We innovatively approach the challenges in any field, land sea and air, and engage our qualified professionals to create the solutions with the clear end – this is to meet our clients requirements.   Offering  the best approach we are able to provide, area risk assessments, armed protection of a vessel with valuable cargo, safeguarding oil platforms, body guarding of principals, training of security and military operatives etc.

Our people are the essence and true value of the service and quality we provide.  The team consists of  Estonian security operators, former military personnel and law enforcement officers, who have the expertise and extensive experience from various missions of protecting vessels against most aggressive pirates up to combating insurgents in different battlefields.

Aburgus’ operational teams are carefully selected and trained experts. They advise on best security practices, physical hardening, enhanced communications, crew training for emergency situations, first aid in paramedic level and provide unconditioned protection of the client’s people and property while under attack.

Aburgus’ trademark is a quick response to clients needs, highest adoptability and discipline in tasks plus flexibility in solutions.  This experience forms the highest quality one can expect.  We do understand the complexity of problems, being that crew’s hesitations or logistics on land, however, we always find solutions that will assure the best result.  Simply said, Aburgus fulfils the promises and delivers the results as expected and agreed. We take care!