Sea Security

Moran Security Group

Moran Security Group is an international group of companies offering a range of services in security, consulting, transportation and medical assistance

We employ top-draw military and civil experts with special training and hands-on experience in countries of the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

We offer a knowledge-based, balanced approach to addressing problems of any sort that we receive from our Customers.

We analyze and plan our activities in the interests of the Customer. This enables us to minimise risks and promptly respond to problems that the Customer comes across when operating in hot spots.

Our company offers the following services:

  • Armed & unarmed security of the merchant vessels by our experts
  • Ship convoy (by our ships) with armed experts
  • Installation of special-purpose equipment onboard ships in conditions of pirate acts
  • Project risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Consulting
  • Security audit
  • Crisis management
  • Location security and defence
  • Concealed / unconcealed convoy
  • Mine clearance
  • Protection of pipelines (gas, oil, water)
  • Assistance in hostage and cargo rescue
  • Concealed security implementation on behalf of the Customer