Sea Security

MUSC – Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants

As the world’s oldest maritime security company, MUSC has an unparalleled depth of experience helping our clients mitigate their exposure to maritime risk.

Operating since 1974, our speciality lies in our ability to manage both high risk and complex projects.

Recognised for our professionalism and reliability, our services provide a comprehensive response to the increasingly sophisticated threats to maritime security.

MUSC’s industry leading service brings together some of the most qualified and experienced maritime security personnel in the world.

Our client base includes government bodies, flag states,port authorities, insurers,ship operators and charterers well as oil & gas and telecommunications providers.

MUSC have international experience in a wide range of services including:

  • Anti-piracy services
  • Maritime intelligence analysis and threat assessment
  • Ship and Port security
  • ISPS compliance and training
  • Unexploded ordnance disposal
  • High risk shore end, cable lay, pipeline security and marine environmental services

We have also recently introduced a comprehensive, and fully compliant, Armed MSLO service for our clients with special risks.