Sea Security

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Seahorse International

Seahorse International is the pioneer All-Filipino company in the global maritime security industry. It is founded by ex-SEALs and complimented by Fleet, Marines, Scout Rangers and Special Forces.

Before its formation, most of Seahorse members were trained and hired by foreign security companies operating in the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.Seahorse provides top-notch maritime security at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing the Navy doctrine on Sea Dominance.

As an international security provider, it is established to address the various needs of its clientele such as transportation (sea, air and land), property, high value assets, rescue operation and investigation through consultancy, risk analysis, security assessment and security planning.

Authorized to conduct training and seminars/workshops on security matters, Seahorse also undertakes Corporate Social Responsibility projects through bridging leadership, community intervention, lobbying, business intelligence, strategic analysis and business assistance.


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