Sea Security

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Unifire AB of Sweden has been a globally-renowned firefighting equipment manufacturer since 1969. In recent years, Unifire has developed a non-lethal “Anti-Pirate Water Cannon System”, comprised of unique, stainless steel, remote control water cannons designed to protect ships and off-shore platforms against pirates and hijackers, as well as from fires that may break out during an attack.

The Unifire water cannons are simple to control remotely from the safety of the bridge, citadel and/or other safe location. They accurately direct a powerful and jet of up to 80 liters per second of sea water, which can rapidly flood skiffs and hinder attacker’s operation and maneuverability and use of firearms. The system can be automatically deployed by use of panic buttons and pre-recorded spray patterns.

The system features highly intelligent electronics, which allow them to be easily networked and interact with wide-range of peripheral devices, including valves, lights, cameras, detectors, alarms, and much more. Unique stand pipes position the water cannons out over a vessel’s railings to allow them to aim straight down the side of the vessel, and have a range of up to 80 meters out from the ship side (80 meter radius).

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