Sea Security

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Unity SPS

Unity SPS is a Maritime Security and Risk Management Consultancy company, focused on anti-piracy solutions for the commercial shipping industry.

In addition to providing armed and unarmed onboard transit security services, the firm operates its own vessels to support anti-piracy operations, including pre-positioning of our Maritime Security Teams in international waters, as well as armed escort, vessel recovery and offshore platform security.

Unity SPS also provides a full range of consultancy, training and tailored support solutions to our clients. The firm benefits from the substantial financial backing and over 33 years of security company experience of its parent companies, Unity Resources Group (Unity) and Special Projects and Services Ltd (SPS).

Unity SPS operations are supported by our dedicated 24/7 operations centre in the UK and further operational and business support is provided from our Dubai Headquarters. Business Development and Sales activities are supported by our offices in London, Washington DC, Nairobi and Sydney.

Unity SPS is committed to providing high-quality and experienced service according to the highest standards of the maritime security industry, and our unique operating model allows us to do so while addressing our client’s paramount requirements of reliability and efficiency.