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How to Apply

Download the SAMI application form and fee schedule below, complete it and return it to SAMI Membership Manager Anneley Pickles –

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1. New companies applying for membership of SAMI should complete the Application Form and return it with their logo (.jpeg format) and company description (Maximum 150 words in Microsoft Word format) to SAMI via

2. Upon checking the application form and associated materials, SAMI will raise an invoice for the Initial Membership Fee and send the invoice, together with a copy of the Industry Membership Agreement consisting of Terms and Conditions and a form that requires your signature. This is to be signed and returned by email to and a signed hardcopy posted to:

SAMI Membership, HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2PN, United Kingdom

3. Once the signed Membership Agreement and the Initial Membership Fee have been sent to SAMI and the funds have cleared, you will be given a unique identification number and become a “Pending Member” of SAMI (for the purposes of the SAMI Articles and Constitution). SAMI will countersign and return a copy of the Membership Agreement to you as a Pending Member.

At this point the Pending Member is required to start the SAMI Certification Programme. Pending Members can use the ordinary SAMI logo and will be sent a copy. You will also receive a digital membership pack for free access to the BRIDGE.

4. If a Pending Member completes Stage 1 of the Certification Programme within the required timeframe, it will become an “Industry Member” for the purposes of the Articles and Constitution and be entered on the SAMI corporate register of members; provided that it continues to pursue and successfully complete the applicable outstanding stages of the Certification Programme within the required time frame.

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